Youth Travel League 2023


4 bowlers per team
(6 max on roster)

This league is organized and ran by the Greater Cincinnati USBC. It is open to all Greater Cincinnati Youth bowlers

Start time is 10 am for all travel league dates. Practice at 9:50 am.

April 8 Walt’s Center Lanes
April 15 Northwest Lanes
April 22 Crossgate Lanes
April 29 & 30 Youth Championship at La Ru Lanes (separate entry required)
May 6 Cherry Grove
May 13 Strike and Spare Erlanger
May 20 Bellewood Lanes Contact Sandy Cummins
May 27 Western Bowl


Important Information:

  1. Cost is $15.00 per week per bowler. 4 person teams ($10 lineage; $5 scholarship)
  2. Handicap will be established the first week. 70% of 200
  3. This league is open to any bowler 5th grade through 12th grade. This is a USBC certified league. Bowlers must purchase a $4.00 certification card if they
    don’t already have one for the 2022-2023 season. This includes subs.
    ( USBC Youth membership is available to individuals who have not reached their 18th
    birthday prior to August 1 of the current bowling season)
  4. All bowlers who bowl at least half the season will receive SMART Scholarship money.
  5. Absent bowlers who do not use a sub, will use average minus 10 pins. Vacant bowlers with no average: 120
  6. Subs are responsible to pay the $10 lineage fee. The absent bowler is responsible to make up the $5 scholarship fee.
  7. Bowl 3 games
  8. Limited to 24 teams
  9. You can have up to 6 people on a roster. Only 4 may play per day.

Contact Sandy Cummins
May 27 Western Bowl @859-240-0373 or
to sign up!