Women’s About Us

From the Beginning and Record of Name Changes

  • The first association meeting was held January 7, 1918.
  • There were 51 members present who paid $0.25 dues
  • The first name of the association was CINCINNATI WOMEN’S BOWLING ASSOCIATION.
  • In 1971 the name was changed to GREATER CINCINNATI WOMEN’S BOWLING ASSOCIATION to recognize our members from Kentucky and Indiana.
  • On May 1, 2006, we became GREATER CINCINNATI USBC WOMEN’S BOWLING ASSOCIATION to be in compliance with USBC regulations.

First City Tournament and History

  • The first tournament was May 15-19, 1918 at Eureka Alleys.
  • $1.30 per event; $0.25 covered the cost of bowling, $0.05 was for expenses and $1 for the prize fund.
  • Ten teams bowled in the first tournament along with 16 doubles and 39 singles.
  • Team Event was won with 2313 by Moerlo #1; Prize money was $20.
  • Doubles was won with 933 by Mrs. Hollerman & Mrs. Ernst; Prize money was $10.
  • Singles was won with 485 by Mrs. H. L. Mergard; Prize money was $10.
  • All Events was won with 1463 by Mrs. F. Reiss; Prize money was $5.
  • All ladies were referred to as Miss or Mrs. No first names were used in those days.
  • Last place team bowled 1478 and received two cases of Schaller Beer.
  • High average of the tournament was awarded a pair of silk hose.
  • Low game in team event was 59 and the bowler received a bottle of toilet water.
  • High games in each of the events was awarded: Lace scarf, bottle of wine, and comb & brush tray.