2020 GCUSBC Open Championship Results

Thank you for all that participated in the 2020 City Open Championship! Congratulations to all the winners.

Full 2020 Results

Team Handicap – Pollard’s Bowl

Team Scratch – Pollard’s Bowl

Doubles Handicap – Ryan Jackson, Charlie Standish

Doubles Scratch – Ryan Jackson, Charlie Standish

Singles Handicap – Clayton Otis

Singles Scratch – Jeremy Saccone

All Events Handicap – Christopher Pollard

All Events Scratch – Rick Pollard


2019 GCUSBC Open Championship Results

Congratulations to all the winners and bowlers at the 2019 GCUSBC Open Championships  | Results

Team Handicap – Strikers

Team Scratch – Northeast Cincy

Doubles Handicap – David Welage & Alan Runkel

Doubles Singles – David Welage & Alan Runkel

Singles Handicap – Kenneth Thoerner

Singles Scratch – Tom Brinkman

All Events Handicap – Charles Adler

All Events Scratch – Alan Runkel