2024 GCUSBC Open Championship

Super Bowl Bellewood
1211 Waterworks Rd
Newport, KY 41071

Shift Times and Dates:
Sat Jan 6, 9:30 am: D&S
Sat Jan 6, 2:00 pm: D&S
Sun Jan 7, 9:30 am: D&S
Sun Jan 7, 2:00 pm: Team
Sat Jan 13, 9:30 am: Team
Sat Jan 13, 2:00 pm: D&S
Sun Jan 14, 9:30 am: D&S
Sun Jan 14, 2:00 pm: Team

Entry Deadlines:
First Weekend is Wednesday 01/3/23
Second Weekend is Wednesday 01/10/23

Pre-paid entries only
No deposits
Walk-ins NOT accepted
Lane Condition: Modified House Shot

Tournament Breakdown (per $40 entry)
Lineage: $11.25
Expenses: $3.00
Prize Fund: $25.75

First weekend high team handicap series eligible for early bird prize of $250
Entry fee includes handicap & scratch divisions
75% of the prize fund goes to Handicap, and 25% to Scratch per event, Bowler may cash in both

Squad Organizers:
A bowler responsible for entering 20 bowlers in an event will receive a paid entry into that event: Team, Doubles, or Singles

2024 Tournament Averages:
City Open Averages 2024

Online Form:

Shift Dates & Times:

Bowler Information:

if Applicable
if 10 pins over as of 1/11/23
if Applicable
if 10 pins over as of 1/11/23
Bowler 3
if Applicable
if 10 pins over as of 1/11/23
if Applicable
if 10 pins over as of 1/11/23
if Applicable
if 10 pins over as of 1/11/23
if Applicable
if 10 pins over as of 1/11/23

Payment Calculation:

$ 0.00
Pay this amount with either PayPal or Venmo.
Please tell us how you will be paying for this entry. Please choose one.

Paper Entry:
2024 Open Championship Entry Form

Mail Entries to:
P.O. BOX 58654
Cincinnati, Ohio 45258

Contact Info:
Mallery Carver

2023 GCUSBC Joseph J Rotsching Senior Singles Championship


ENTRY FEE: $35 per person

Northwest Bowling Lanes
1765 Happy Valley Dr.
Cincinnati, Oh 45014

Shift Times & Dates
Friday March 3rd, 10:00am*
*20 Lanes Available
Friday March 3rd, 2:00pm
Saturday March 4th, 10:00am
Sunday March 5th, 10:00am
Sunday March 5th, 2:00pm

Age Classifications
Super Seniors – 75 & Over
Class A – 70-74
Class B – 65-69
Class C – 60-64
Class D – 55-59
Class E – 50-54

Additional Information:
Handicap & Scratch Divisions
The deadline for prepaid entries is February 28, 2023
Modified House Shot
10-pin over Rule, see rule B3
Only Greater Cincinnati, Greater Hamilton and Miami Valley members are eligible.

Squad Organizers:
Squad Leaders entering 30 or more bowlers in this event will receive a paid entry.

Tournament Breakdown:
Prize Money: $23.75
Bowling Fees: $7.50
Expenses: $3.75
Entry Fee $35.00
Handicap Prize Ratio 1 in 6

Contact Information:
Mallery Carver

Paper Entry:

2023 Senior Singles Entry

Mail Entries to:
GCUSBC Senior Singles
P.O. Box 58654
Cincinnati, Ohio 45258

Online Entry:

Highest League Average if 10 pins over your 21/22 average at time of entry
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