Cincinnati Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame

The Cincinnati Women’s Hall of Fame proudly presents members who have excelled in the sport of bowling and those who have notably served to promote local bowling. Our Association is further honored by several members who have been inducted into the Ohio and National Halls of Fame.

Superior Performance has been defined as a minimum of 2 City Titles from the GCUSBC (and previous associations). One title must be other than a team title. The 2 City titles requirement will be waived with any of the following titles: City Masters/Queens; Indiana, Kentucky or Ohio USBC; USBC, Professional or Member of Team USA. All other accomplishments can be submitted to enhance the application. The applicant must be a member in good standing for a minimum of 15 years. Voting will be conducted by all members of the Hall of Fame. The applicant must receive at least 70% of the vote in order to be inducted.

Meritorious Service Award is presented to the individual with outstanding service to the USBC, ABC, and WIBC organizations over a minimum of 15 years.

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Women's Hall of Fame

Superior PerformanceMeritorious PerformancePironeer Performance
Catherine BurlingAnn WoodRita Busse Floyd
1998Grace Benner2000
Betty BurbrinkElenor KesslerMarge Oester
Alice GilkeyLora Nehls
Anita Vollmer1998
1998Estelle “Tink” Meyer
Madeline KivettPhilomena Schare
Pat Murray1998
Shirley SchroderEmmamae Beckman
Ruth Kemper Schumacher1998
1998Pearl Ackerman
Nancy FehrLibby Mouch
Cleo McGovern1998
Clara ZaphFlo Biersdorfer
1998Doris Day
Pat Burns1998
Fan KenneyMary Martha Doering
Dottie SargeantMarilyn Goforth
1998Stella “Tootie” Pierson
Elsia FlaigAnn Schloss
Regina SnodgrassShirley Heidenreich
1998Nancy Klinger
Anna “Mickey” Heeg1998
Vi McKinney RidnerAnnie Hicks
1998Leona Meyer
Caroline Abner1998
Jan HillMaureen Snodgrass
Diane Cushman Downs1998
1998Ruth Payne
Jennifer Klekamp1998
1998Nancy Heis
Pat SchmidlinDean Runck
Judy MarshallPat Hein
Linda LallyPat Dixon
Linda Ashley1998
1998Joyce Gamper
Mickey Peck1998
Melody C. EvansRosie Taulbee FACMPE
Gloria HarperPamela A. Mitchell
Theresa BaileyMichele Colangelo
Linda MagerLinda K. Kramer
Stacy C. AndersonPatricia M. Canfield
Kim BrooksPenny P. Wichman
Vicky PollardJoan Denzler
Robin Wilson1998
Kate Wilhelm

Here’s a great video recapping the history of the Women’s Hall of Fame.