2021 Youth Travel League

2021 Youth Travel League – SOLD OUT!

  • 3 bowlers per team.
  • 10 am Start time, practice at 9:50 am.
  • 20 Team Limit

The Schedule:
April 3 Harrison Bowl
April 10 Superbowl Bellewood
April 17 Colerain Bowl
April 24 Superbowl Erlanger
May 1 & 2 Youth Championship at Stumps Lanes (separate entry required)
May 8 Walt’s Center Lanes
May 15 Cherry Grove Lanes May 22 Crossgate Lanes May 29 Northwest Lanes

Important Information:

1. Cost is $12.00 per week per bowler. 3 person teams ($9 lineage; $3 scholarship)
2. Handicap will be established the first week. 70% of 200
3. This league is open to any bowler 5th grade through 12th grade
This is a USBC certified league. Bowlers must purchase a $4.00 certification card if
they don’t already have one for the 2020-2021 season. This includes subs.
( USBC Youth membership is available to individuals who have not reached their 18th birthday prior to August 1 of the current bowling season)
4. All bowlers who bowl at least half the season will receive SMART Scholarship money.
5. Absent bowlers who do not use a sub, will use average minus 10 pins. Vacant bowlers with no average: 120
6. Subs are responsible to pay the $9 lineage fee. The absent bowler is responsible to make up the $3 scholarship fee.
7. Bowl 3 games
8. Limited to 20 teams
9. You can have up to 6 people on a roster. Only 3 may play per day

Questions: Contact Robin Wilson, 513.476.4509 or wilson.robin4269@gmail.com