Open Championship Rules


A1)  All active members of the Greater Cincinnati USBC (GCUSBC) are eligible to enter t his tournament. Greater Hamilton and Miami Valley association members are also eligible with the purchase of a $10 crossover card.  Members from any other associations are NOT eligible to bowl in a GCUSBC event.

A2)  All bowlers must be able to provide USBC membership card or pay USBC dues of $24 when checking in.

A3)  The tournament director reserves the right to disqualify any entrant not in compliance with the rules of the GCUSBC tournament. Premature termination of the tournament brought about by war, national emergency or emergency causes relating thereto of fire, natural disaster or any other reason beyond the control of GCUSBC tournaments shall cause, to the extent required hereby, all to be prorated in accordance with the number of entrants who have bowled in each of the respective events up to the time of such termination.

A4)  Each entrant can bowl each event TWO (2) TIMES. Two (2) bowlers must be changed in team event and one bowler must be changed in the doubles event to be eligible to cash separately. A participant can only cash ONE (1) TIME in singles.

A4.1)  Bowlers partcipating more than once in an event shall count their first series in each event towards optional handicap all events, optional scratch all events and their qualifying scores for The Masters.

A5)  Entrants who bowl doubles must also bowl singles and vice versa. Bowlers must enter both events and will stay on the same pair of lanes.

A6)  Bowlers entering optional All Events may enter the Handicap and Scratch divisions. Maximum entering average for the Handicap division is 219. Bowlers can only cash once in All Events in each division.

A7)  When a team captain secures a replacement, once the replacement has started to bowl, the replacement must finish the game being bowled.  The tournament director reserves the right to accept or reject the substitution offered by the team captain. Bowling order is finalized when entry is submitted.

A8)  Teams or individuals failing to appear at scheduled pair of lanes and scheduled time, will forfeit entry fee, unless a sufficient reason is given to warrant postponement.

A9)  Late bowler: Any participant not present at the s tar t of any event will receive zero for all frames missed.

A10)  All entries must be submitted by Friday, January ,3 2020 paid in full.  No deposits will be allowed. Walk s ins will not be accepted.

A11)  Bowlers who are identified as professionals or who have applied for membership in any professional organization during the year preceding the GCUSBC event and up through their date of competition shall be eligible to bowl as follows:

A11.1)  Not more than TWO (2) bowlers in a TEAM line up and ONE (1) such bowler in a doubles line up.

A11.2)  Each such bowler shall be eligible to enter Singles and ONLY SCRATCH optional all events.

A12)  Practice:  Participants in Team Event will receive 15 minutes of practice on assigned pair of lanes.  Participants in Doubles and Sing les will receive 10 minutes of practice on assigned pair of lanes before the start of Doubles Event.

A12.1)  There will be no practice prior to the start of Sing les Event.

A12.2)  In the event of a lane/mechanical breakdown, bowlers moving lanes will receive one (1) frame of practice each on new pair. Once completed, bowling will resume with normal scoring.

A13)  ABUSE of center equipment or abusive language will not be tolerated. Any entrant involved is this activity will be ejected from the tournament with no refund of entry fees.

A14)  PROPER ATTIRE REQUIRED. Examples; No profanity or offensive language. Cutoff jeans, etc.

A15)  Speakers or any other electronic device emitting sound is strictly prohibited during tournament play.

A16)  Lanes will be reconditioned before each shift.

A17)  Tournament shift times may be added, if needed, before the 2:00pm shift on Sunday January 26, 2020.



B1)  A bowlers entering average will be highest average between either 2018/2019 standard composite average, based on a minimum of 21 games as shown on, or GCUSBC Open Championship Tournament average, unless rule B3 10 PIN over rule applies.

B1.1) GCUSBC Open Championship Tournament average: What is this? This is based

on a MINIMUM OF 18 GAMES bowled in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 city tournaments (OC) combined. A complete list of bowlers who have a tournament average can be found under the bowler ’s zone tab then tournaments at

B2)  Average adjustment. If a bowler’s only valid average is in a sport or challenge league, then this average will be adjusted utilizing the corresponding USBC average conversion chart found on

B3)  10 pins over rule: If highest certified individual league average, as of January 3, 2020, 21 games or more is 10 pins or higher than the above, this will be bowlers entering average.

B4)  What average will a bowler use if they DO NOT have a 2018/2019 standard composite average or a “tournament average”?

B4.1) Entering average will be highest individual certified league average as of January 3, 2020 for 21 games or more.  A copy of this league sheet must accompany the entry form.

B4.2) If a bowler does not have any of the above, the bowlers entering average will be scratch 220.

B5)  Scratch for this tournament is 1,100 for team event, 4 40 for doubles and 220 for singles.  Handicap is based on 80% of the difference between entering teams combined average for team event and doubles and individual average for the sing les event.



C1)  All provisions of USBC rule 319A apply. It is the responsibility of each participant to verify the accuracy of their average whether submit ted by the bowler or other.

C2)  Bowlers who have qualified for a prize of $600 or more in cash or merchandise in any event of a tournament within the last 12 months, must report actual scratch score, position, and amount won at the time of bowling in a GCUSBC event for a possible rerate REGARDLESS OF ENTERIN G AVERAGE.

C3)  Bowlers shall acquaint themselves with Rule 319C concerning rerates.

C4)  If a bowler has received a rerate or adjustment within the pas t 12 months from any tournament, bowler MUST report this to the tournament director prior to bowling for possible average adjustment in any GCUSBC tournament.


Section D: PAYOUT

D1)  All prizes will be returned 100% in the event collected.

D1.1)  Handicap division: One prize for each six (6) entries in Team, Doubles, and Sing les will cash.

D1.2)  Scratch division: One prize for each eight (8) entries in Team, Doubles, and Singles will cash.

D1.3)  Optional All Events:  One prize in eight (8) entries will cash.

D2)  This tournament will be a combined Handicap and Scratch tournament with 80% of the prize fund going to Handicap and 20% going to Scratch – bowlers may cash in both events.

D3)  Co-Champions will be declared if there is a tie for 1st place in any event, with 1st and 2nd place prize money being divided equally and duplicate trophies awarded.



E1)  Ball surface change or cleaning with a substance after the first ball is thrown in competition for that squad in team event or doubles is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

E2)  There will be no practice prior to the start of sing les and ball surface changes at that time are PROHIBITED.

E3)  There COULD BE random checks of any participants bowling equipment any time before, during or after any GCUSBC tournament.

E4)  Any USBC approved ball can be used in competition.

E5)  This is dry towel tournament.


** All rules have been approved by USBC.